QR Code API for Static QR Codes with Design

Generate custom-designed static QR Codes programmatically in your information system or mobile application
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QR Code API — Design and Other Features

Add design and branding to standard B&W; QR Codes and do much more with QR API
QR Code API QRC Design
Customize QR Code Design
Add brand colors, logo and patterns to QR Code or combine an image and a semi-transparent QR Code
QR Code API Scannable Static QR Codes
Highly Scannable Static QR Codes
Encode static QR Codes with URL, text, Vcard, WiFi, Phone, Email, and SMS content
QR Code API Real-time Generation
Real-time Generation
AGenerate QR Codes programmatically in your own system via REST API calls
QR Code API Million QR Codes
Million QR Codes/month
Generate upto a million QR Codes per month via API requests
QR Code API Generate for Web or Print
Generate for Web or Print
Generate high-resolution QR Codes in PNG, JPG, and SVG, suitable for both web and print
QR Code API Flexible Pricing
Flexible Pricing
Suitable plans for low, medium, and high number of API requests
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Automated QR Code Generation Use Cases

Scanova's QR API is useful for many QR Code-based applications
QR Code Payments
Electronically generate QR Codes in mobile app or print on bills to allow users to transfer money and accept payments using their smartphones
Social Media Interactions
Generate and share unique profile QR Codes in your mobile application to add new contacts via scanning
Employee IDs and Event Nametags
Add a QR Code with a unique serial code on company ID cards or nametags for digital verification
Document Verification
Add unique QR Codes to documents that link to information in your database for verification
Product Tags and Packaging
Add QR Code to product packaging with links to receive customer feedback, provide customer support, or promote social media
Health Care Systems
Add QR Codes to patient cards with information like detailed medical history, current medication, and other records

QR API Pricing

$ {[{first}]}
per month
US ${[{api_Famount}]} billed every {[{api_months}]} {[{yearMonth}]}
API Requests
Upto 2,500 /month
Request Rate
Upto 10 /sec
Designer QR Codes
$ {[{second}]}
per month
US ${[{api_Samount}]} billed every {[{api_months}]} {[{yearMonth}]}
API Requests
Upto 25,000 /month
Request Rate
Upto 100 /sec
Designer QR Codes
$ {[{third}]}
per month
US ${[{api_Tamount}]} billed every {[{api_months}]} {[{yearMonth}]}
API Requests
Upto 1 million /month
Request Rate
Upto Unlimited /sec
Designer QR Codes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to the most popular questions
Who can use QR Code API?
This QR Code Generation API is useful for businesses and developers who want to automate custom-designed static QR Code generation in their own information system or mobile app.
How can I test QR Code API?
To test, you can generate a valid API key by signing up to QR API for a 14-day free trial. With this key, you can generate valid API requests, which return scannable QR Codes. Once a key has been generated, you can use our API Playground & Documentation feature to test the API.
What does ‘API Requests’ mean?
An API Request is a GET Request made from your own information system or mobile application to QR API’s Static QR Code Generation API. Each valid API Request returns a static QR Code. You can send upto 2,500 requests/month with Starter plan, 25,000 requests/month with Advanced, and 1million requests/month with Pro plan.
What does 'Request Rate' mean?
The Request Rate is the maximum rate at which you can send API Requests to our QR Code API via your information system or mobile application. With Starter plan you can send upto 10 requests/sc, 100 requests/sec with Advanced plan, and unlimited requests/sec with Pro plan.
I have tested the API. How do I integrate it with my system?
If you have tested the API, it means you have created a QR Code and a corresponding request URL. To integrate with your own information system, generate the API request URLs in the similar format. You can also download the complete API Documentation
Can I send an API request without the API key?
Technically, it is possible to send an API request, without the API key parameter or with an invalid API key. In both cases, an unscannable QR Code image with a 'preview' watermark will be returned. To remove the watermark, you can signup and send API requests with a valid API key.
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